Reiki Master Reena


“You can reinvent yourself whenever and wherever you want… Age is just a number” is Reena’s favorite quote.

Reena didn’t know anything about Reiki until she met Roshan 2 years ago. She started healing sessions with him and it was amazing how it quickly helped her through her inner healing process.

When Roshan started teaching Reiki, she got onboard not knowing where she was going and then completed Level 1 and 2 and finally Level 3 – The Master level. She didn’t realize how fast things started to shift in her personal and professional life. Now she offers us the opportunity to experience this beautiful healing energy.

For Reena, working with Reiki has been life changing and she wants to help others have this amazing experience too. Reena is also passionate about animals and working with Reiki healing energy gives her the ability to help heal our furry friends too.

Fluent in English, French and Creole, Reena currently provides healing sessions in-person and online in Mauritius and abroad.