Reiki Master Naïlah


Reiki Master Naïlah, a Muslim Mauritian, with experience in Reiki since 2013, and regression therapy since 2018 is our first healer to join us from South Africa. Naïlah’s journey is one where Reiki supported her whilst she searched for her life-purpose after surviving a life-threatening incident. Having complemented her healing journey with Holy Fire Reiki, she believes that life opens up so much more and brings clarity when one embraces energetic healing, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Naïlah is passionate about bringing Reiki into the corporate workplace along with other aspects of our personal lives, as healing of one aspect often brings clarity on another. She also believes that each individual’s healing journey is unique and the foundation is learning to embrace acceptance. Giving oneself the permission to feel all emotions, embracing gratitude and allowing for healing where it is required is also a part of her style of healing. Naïlah is currently available for sessions in English, French and Creole online and in person, operating from Johannesburg, South Africa.