Karuna Reiki and DNA repair and healing for babies

This Karuna Reiki combined with DNA repair and healing session is for newborn babies. Especially those who have allergic reactions to milk and/or suffer from mild to severe Colic. One of the main sources of stress for babies and parents is Colic. This is due to the baby’s body having to adjust to the new world it has to live in now. After birth, the digestive system and nervous system is still under development and many babies have difficulty adjusting to milk and sensory information being received by the different senses. Many babies have difficulty calming themselves down. This new service helps the baby’s body adjust to the new world faster. Karuna Reiki combined with DNA repair and healing helps calm the baby and reduce Colic in babies. It is useful for babies with low to high levels of Colic. This 60 minute healing session is available in-person or online.

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