Holy Fire III Reiki In-House

A 1 hour Holy Fire III Reiki in-house session will help to rejuvenate and give your body a boost. During a session, the Reiki Master will lay their hands on 10 positions on your body coinciding with your chakras. This allows the healing energy to flow to the different parts of your body and release blocked energy and debris. During a session your chakras are also aligned and balanced which always brings about healing and harmony in your body. It is a relaxing experience and you will leave our centre feeling refreshed and energised. Holy Fire III energy works at a much higher frequency than traditional Reiki so the healing effect is more pronounced. Extras: +1 client.

The prices are only for payments done via credit card inclusive of fees and exchange rate. For specific requests, please contact us for a quotation.

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Long Distance Grief Resolution

When you lose a loved one or a pet, it can be difficult to deal with the emotions of grief, sadness and loss. Unresolved grief and sadness can lead to depression and anxiety. We help resolve grief through the loving and healing energy of Reiki so you can move forward. All timings are calculated and displayed in your local time.

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We offer spiritual advice for people on their spiritual path and also those who are seeking answers. Sometimes, healing can happen through realization and during a discussion new ideas come through.

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Soul Retrieval can help us bring back lost pieces of our soul. Our soul can get fragmented when we experience extreme emotional/mental/spiritual trauma. Complete soul loss can manifest in coma or catatonia.

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In Past Life Recovery we work on removing past life, traumatic, emotional, psychological and karmic blocks in order to bring about healing, recovery and spiritual growth.

Distance Holy Fire III Reiki For Pets

Reiki is especially helpful for our furry friends dealing with trauma and illness. Many a times, we don’t understand our furry companions and reiki will help to understand them better.

Long Distance Karma Clearing Session

A Long Distance Karma clearing session is focused on clearing past life and present life Karma that has been accumulated through our actions in this life time or past life times. Another aspect of the Karma clearing session is to also clear Karma from broken promises which have now become curses and ancestral and ancient curses.