Healing and Meditation Events

As much as we love to provide healing services to individuals, we also conduct large events. One of our goals as an energy healing and therapy center is to help people find their way to the Light. To help them find their way through this maze of life. To enable and empower them to find what they are looking for and aspiring in life. These events are created with the specific purpose of healing at different levels of consciousness. Our meditations combined with Atlantean Healing or the Healing energies of Atlantis, raises the personal vibration of all members of the group and also heals at much deeper levels than meditation alone.

With that in mind we currently host beautiful, yet powerful healing and meditation events in person in Mauritius and online via streaming services like Zoom and Facebook/Youtube Live. We currently host The Full Moon meditation, and The Divine Masculine meditation events just to name a few. However we have many more new and interesting events lined up.

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Other healing & Meditation Services in Mauritius. You can see the full list here

Long Distance Holy Fire III Reiki

We offer long distance Reiki for people who cannot visit our place of practice. A long distance Reiki session allows us to send you Reiki healing energy anywhere.

DNA Repair and Healing Session

This is a new state of the art energy healing technology to clear debris and undo the damage to your DNA from the side effects of strong drugs and medications. In recent times we are being faced with new challenges and this will help heal you at the cellular level. A DNA Repair and Healing session is 1 hour long.

Generational Healing Therapy

A therapy session to heal emotional and psychological trauma that has been passed down from generation to generation through the power of Love.

Karuna Reiki and DNA repair and healing for babies

Karuna Reiki combined with DNA repair and healing is specifically designed for newborn babies who have allergies to milk and/or suffer from mild to severe Colic.

Holy Fire Healing Meditation + Karuna Reiki Session

The Holy Fire Healing meditation is designed to help remove emotional and psychological blockages that prevent you from living your life fully.

Karuna Reiki for Two

A Karuna Reiki for Two session is a higher vibrational healing modality in combination with Holy Fire III Reiki for 2 people. The purpose of this session is to heal the 2 people involved together.