About Us

Roshan means Light and Be A Roshan means “Be a Light”. At Be A Roshan, we work with several healing energies to transform people’s lives with the healing power of Light.
Be A Roshan is an energy therapy and meditation center based on the paradise island of Mauritius. The goal at Be A Roshan is to heal you and your families for a fuller and happier life.
We also aspire to share the knowledge we’ve gathered on our journey with you to help you find your own path. We share the Light with you so you may share the Light with others.
Welcome to Be A Roshan and let’s embark on your healing journey together.

Our Team

Be A Roshan currently has a team of 5 experienced Reiki Masters to help Roshan with his healing mission.
These Reiki Masters have been rigorously trained by him over the last 3 years to assist him with healing sessions in-person and with online sessions in Mauritius and abroad. He has impressed on them his personal style of working with Reiki energy, but also recognizing their individual gifts, talents and abilities.
“We are all unique, and each one of you is gifted in your own unique way” is something he always tells his students and encourages all of his students to find their own unique style of working with Reiki. Roshan knows Reiki has no limits to its abundance and its potential and encourages you all to experience this beautiful energy with these amazing healers.

Reiki Master Asha

Asha explored many spiritual traditions and healing techniques before finding her life purpose in healing through Reiki. Her own healing journey with Reiki has transformed

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Reiki Master Reena

“You can reinvent yourself whenever and wherever you want… Age is just a number” is Reena’s favorite quote. Reena didn’t know anything about Reiki until

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