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Reiki Master - Roshan Crasta

Reiki Master



We have been looking at health through a narrow lens and Roshan is here to help you look at your health from a different perspective.

Improved mental and emotional health has helped better relationships and enhance quality of life. Being able to manage your health yourself is important to Roshan and he’s here to help.

Roshan has always had a keen interest in energy and meta physics and a great desire to help humanity. His experience with energy work to better human health has inspired him to create a unique set of healing services. His ideas centre around removing the root cause of dis-ease. His services target different parts of the human energy structure thereby bringing healing.

“If we heal at the spiritual, mental and emotional levels, it will have an effect on the physical body”.

Roshan Crasta is a Certified Karuna Reiki, Usui Reiki & Holy Fire III Reiki Master from the International Center for Reiki Training, USA. He is also an Atlantean Healing Master and an Ascension Master.

This gives him a unique blend of Reiki and Ascension energies and  he is able to mix Ascension & Atlantean energies. This allows him to expand the healing effects of Reiki.

Roshan and his team of trained Reiki Masters provide healing services in Mauritius, South Africa and abroad. Conducting global Atlantean Healing events is also a major part of his healing mission.

Check out the Services and Events pages to book his unique healing services.

What is healing?

we strive to attain a state of balance in mind, body and soul. to attain this we need healing

The human body is one of the most impressive pieces of machinery, and it has this amazing ability to heal itself. The one sensation associated with healing is this ‘Feel Good’ and relaxed feeling. And, every one of us is looking for this feeling daily. We are different from one another and our ‘feel good’ factor differs from each other.

Be A Roshan provides healing services to bring about this “feel good” factor.

Healing in any form produces this feel-good factor in us and helps us live a better quality of life. To that end, several healing modalities like Reiki, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, heal by moving energy through the body.

There is a field of energy that surrounds our body and plays an important role in our well-being. Energy therapy is particularly useful in balancing this energy field. In fact, energy therapy has proved to be effective and it is even used in major hospitals and health facilities worldwide.

Be A Roshan specializes in 2 types of energy therapy, namely Atlantean Healing and Reiki. While Atlantean is a group therapy, Reiki is specifically for individuals.

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Atlantean Healing

healing through ancient healing technologies at its highest frequency ever

The earth as we know has been going through many changes in the etheric levels. Many beings of Light are helping the earth go through this process. We are evolving from a 3rd-dimensional planet to a 5th-dimensional one.

Some lightworkers are now receiving new spiritual technologies through their hard work.  Technology to help humanity and the planet through this tough process of evolution.

Atlantean healing is one of those technologies given to humanity. To help those in need of healing and to help heal the planet. 

Atlantean Healing is an ancient form of healing, but upgraded to a much higher frequency than ever before. It is here to help us through our journey on this planet now.

As an Atlantean Master, Roshan is able to channel Atlantean healing energies to heal people and the planet. It consists of several different energies and ranges from the 5th to the 9th dimension. In combination with Reiki, he can channel energies from the 3rd all the way up to the 9th dimension.

These are powerful energies to help heal deep trauma, healing at the unconscious and soul level. They are especially good for clearing homes and property as well. An important aspect of Atlantean Healing therapy is that a seed of Enlightenment is also placed in the recipient. Those recipients already on their path to Enlightenment receive accelerated growth.

Roshan conducts Atlantean Healing sessions in Mauritius and online, in a group setting. The high-frequency and intense energies flow among the members, as per their requirements.

We welcome you to follow us on social media to get the latest updates on Atlantean Healing events near you.

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Healing Through Reiki

healing through the transformational power of the light of the highest of good

Reiki helps to ease tension and stress and can help support the body. It does so by creating an environment for healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is indeed very pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness.

Rei-ki in Japanese simply means Universal Energy, but it signifies much more than (Rei) – Universal (Ki) – Energy or Life Force. It uses Ki, the natural life force energy to promote healing. In fact, Reiki is so popular, it is used worldwide. Futhermore, it provides relief to a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions and can be used regularly.

Through the laying of hands on 10 different positions on the client’s body, Reiki energy flows and brings healing to the client. It does so by clearing energetic debris, balancing the chakras and aligning them. Thus allowing the free flow of Ki through the energy body.

The healing power of Reiki is not limited by space. For instance, we can send healing to a client anywhere in the world from our healing center in Mauritius.

Reiki sessions usually start with a conversation between the healer and the client, which is followed by the treatment and ends in a discussion about the clients experience.

A Reiki session can range from one hour to 90 minutes. However, the protocol for remote healing may differ. Do feel free to contact us for an appointment for your Reiki healing session.

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Our Services

Healing & Meditation Services in Mauritius. You can view the full list here

Generational Healing Therapy

A therapy session to heal emotional and psychological trauma that has been passed down from generation to generation through the power of Love.

Holy Fire Healing Meditation + Karuna Reiki Session

The Holy Fire Healing meditation is designed to help remove emotional and psychological blockages that prevent you from living your life fully.

Karuna Reiki for Two

A Karuna Reiki for Two session is a higher vibrational healing modality in combination with Holy Fire III Reiki for 2 people. The purpose of this session is to heal the 2 people involved together.

Karma Clearing Session

A Karma clearing session is focused on clearing past life and present life Karma that has been accumulated through our actions in this life time or past life times. Another aspect of the Karma clearing session is to also clear Karma from broken promises which have now become curses and ancestral and ancient curses.

Karuna Reiki & DNA Repair and Healing session

This is a combination of Karuna Reiki energy and DNA Healing Energy. It has been specifically created for working with complex issues like cancer, cardiac, lung and neurological problems.

DNA Repair and Healing Session

This is a new state of the art energy healing technology to clear debris and undo the damage to your DNA from the side effects of strong drugs and medications. In recent times we are being faced with new challenges and this will help heal you at the cellular level. A DNA Repair and Healing session is 1 hour long.

Distance Karuna Reiki For Pets

Reiki is especially helpful for our furry friends dealing with trauma and illness. Many a times, we don’t understand our furry companions and reiki will help to understand them better.

Karuna Reiki and DNA repair and healing for babies

Karuna Reiki combined with DNA repair and healing is specifically designed for newborn babies who have allergies to milk and/or suffer from mild to severe Colic.

Spirit Release Session

A therapy session specifically created to release any negative energetic attachments an individual may pickup through weaknesses in the energy body or psychic attacks sent to the individual.

Distance Holy Fire III Reiki For Pets

Reiki is especially helpful for our furry friends dealing with trauma and illness. Many a times, we don’t understand our furry companions and reiki will help to understand them better.

Office And Commercial Space Clearing

Along with healing for the physical body we provide healing for office spaces, shops, commercial spaces etc. We remove all sorts of negative energies, entities, blockages that prevent your team and your business from performing at its best.

Upcoming events

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One of our goals as a therapy center is not only to heal people but also empower them to heal themselves and those around them – family, friends and even their pets. Reiki is for everyone and so we are offering courses to share our knowledge with others. We currently have 3 courses ready and are in the process of preparing other courses in meditation and healing.

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